Happy Halloween


Pumpkin House, Kenova, West Virginia


My favorite time of year is Autumn. The colors, cooler weather, pumpkin patches, hayrides, apple cider and donuts.   I waited for the time when my mom would ask, “what do you want to be for Halloween?”    So many choices, a witch, a ghost, a cat, a princess, a fairy; the possibilities were endless.   Plus in addition to dressing up, there was much candy to be had.  My dad would take my brother and me out trick or treating until we were old enough to go out on our own.   We actually went to houses in our neighborhood and not to the mall or local businesses.

Now, I still love to  dress up but now as an adult it is a great time to decorate and go to a party or two.    Decorations are more simple yet elegant.  I like to keep it simple with a few choice pieces on the dining room table and then when the day of the gathering before guests arrive, I like to get a wonderful fall bouquet of flowers for my centerpiece.  Some mums, marigolds, sunflowers all put in a pumpkin vase.


To read what wikipedia has to say on the history of Halloween, you can read the story here.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween. May it be filled with all treats, and no tricks.








Petal it Forward

On October 19th Murrieta and Lake Elsinore VIP Florist hit the streets to Petal it forward, proving flowers do make people happy. There were a whole lot of people smiling on Wednesday thanks to Our VIP Happiness ambassadors.

The goal of Petal it Forward was to give out 2 bouquets to as many people as we could  Then they would keep one for themselves and give one away to someone else just to spread happiness. #petalitforward

Murrieta and Lake Elsinore VIP Florist handed out over 650 flowers bouquets in the local area. This was made possible by the help of our wholesalers S&E and Lillys Enterprises.

Our happiness team had so much fun. We cannot wait till next year. Our goal will be to double what we did this year and spread more happiness.

Just remember the fun doesn’t have to stop! Contact us! We’re your local florist. You can Petal it Forward and make someone happy.

Life Changes in an Instant

Fall is a time to reflect on where we have been and make plans for the future. But sometimes those futures are cut short without warning.  Accidents and illnesses take from us those who are closest to us. Where to turn what to do, these are the questions that we can be faced with.

If we are lucky enough to have other family and friends to be there for us, it can lessen the loss and knowing they are there to help us day to day relieves some of the pain.

How can we find a silver lining, how can we get through another day, how can we focus on all the good in one’s life and celebrate who they are, and though they have left us physically, they will always be with us?

One way is if you have a funeral and/or celebration of life afterwards, a nice way to symbolize the beauty of the soul is with flowers.  They show how fragile is life to be so colorful and fragrant, but for a short while.  Take time to hug those we love, stop and really smell the roses, for we know life changes in an instant.




Celebrating Our Independence

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights; that among these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; …” –Excerpt from Declaration of Independence as originally written by Thomas Jefferson, 1776. ME 1:29, Papers 1:315

240 years have passed and we still have the freedoms our forefathers fought for and our servicemen and servicewoman continue to fight for every day.  We thank them for their sacrifice to give us these precious gifts that not all possess.

Now more than ever is the time to enjoy those rights we have that our country was founded on.  Go out and follow your dream to make a better life for yourself and your family.    Experience liberty by following your own thoughts, words, or actions to express who you are as an individual.

And our favorite, the pursuit of happiness.  We happen to do it with flowers and would love to help you express yourself with flowers if that is something of  interest to you.  But this Independence Day, do something that truly makes you happy.   Be free to get out of your daily routine, try something new, experience the wonderful things life has to offer.

Our forefathers fought and sacrificed to give us these rights. We are to live them to the fullest and never take them for granted.   May you have a safe and happy holiday weekend full of life, liberty and happiness.

Thank You Dad

The traditional family dynamic of 2 parents and children is no longer the norm.  We have many one parent families that are thriving and some that face challenges. It is human nature to be able to father a child, but it is a true test of love to be a Dad.

Many dads are not the biological father of the children that are part of their lives. But they love them with all that they are and sacrifice much to make sure those children grow up full of love and self respect.

A dad is that guy that will get up in the middle of the night to feed and/or change diapers. He teaches you the basics like how to ride a bike, change the oil on your car or how to fish.  He’s the one yelling the loudest on the sidelines of every sport you play, in all types of weather.  He took you to get ice cream when you lost the big game but let you know that you are always a winner.

He bandaged your scraped knee, helped you with your homework and read you a bedtime story.  How about those great piggy back rides or sitting on his shoulders during the parade so you could see, even though he couldn’t.

He worked hard so you never went without and never asked to be thanked for it, cause he’s your dad.  Father’s Day or Dad’s Day is so that we can take that chance to say ‘thank you’ for being there and for all the big and little things he did and still does for you.

So give him a hug, a kiss, some flowers, a new fishing pole or if he is no longer with us, send him love in a prayer because you know he is still watching over you, because that’s what true Dad’s do.

Thank You for Your Service

Sometimes amidst the barbecues, picnics and days at the beach, we can lose site of why we have that all too rare long weekend.  Memorial Day is Monday May 30th.  The date really doesn’t matter, it is what the day stands for that is important.  Though it didn’t become a Federal holiday until 1971, remembering those that fought for our freedoms has been in our hearts since the country began.   You can read “8 things you didn’t know about memorial day” by clicking HERE.

This day is to remember the service men and women that stand and fight daily to preserve our freedoms.  We celebrate them when they come home to their loved ones and applaud to honor the fallen when they are brought home to rest.  One such occasion was for <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/?_fb_noscript=1″ /> Marine Ssgt Louis Cardin.   <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/?_fb_noscript=1″ /> What an honor it was to create this beautiful tribute for our Hometown Hero.  A day will not pass that his service and loss will be forgotten!


It is for all those that stand, protect and fight for our freedoms daily that we honor on this Memorial Day.   Freedom is not free.  The luxuries we will enjoy on this long weekend come with a price.    We honor you, thank you, and will never forget  you!

Giving Appreciation

Administrative Professionals are many in number, but they are not easily seen since they are the backbone of any productive business.  The admin staff are those that work tirelessly behind to scenes to get things done and to make their executives shine.  That why we are excited that there is a day dedicated to those in administrative roles so that they can be put in to the spotlight and thanked for all they do.  We particularly like when they are thanked with some type of flower or plant.  :)      A little history below of how this day came about.


About Administrative Professionals Day–April 27th, 2016

During World War II, there was an increased need for skilled administrative personnel, particularly in the United States. The National Secretaries Association was formed to recognize the contributions of secretaries and other administrative personnel to the economy, to support their personal development and to help attract people to administrative careers in the field. The association’s name was changed to Professional Secretaries International in 1981 and, finally, the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) in 1998.

These changes in name reflected the changing nature of the tasks, qualifications and responsibilities of the members of the organization. IAAP now has an international orientation and continues to provide education and training and set standards of excellence recognized by the business community on a global perspective. The organization’s vision is “to inspire and equip all administrative professionals to attain excellence”.

The first National Secretaries Week was organized in 1952 in conjunction with the United States Department of Commerce and various office supply and equipment manufacturers. The Wednesday of that week became known as National Secretaries Day. As the organization gained international recognition, the events became known as Professional Secretaries Week® and Professional Secretaries Day®. In 2000, IAAP announced that names of the week and the day were changed to Administrative Professionals Week and Administrative Professionals Day to keep pace with changing job titles and expanding responsibilities of the modern administrative workforce. Many work environments across the world observe this event.