Archive | June 2016

Thank You Dad

The traditional family dynamic of 2 parents and children is no longer the norm.  We have many one parent families that are thriving and some that face challenges. It is human nature to be able to father a child, but it is a true test of love to be a Dad.

Many dads are not the biological father of the children that are part of their lives. But they love them with all that they are and sacrifice much to make sure those children grow up full of love and self respect.

A dad is that guy that will get up in the middle of the night to feed and/or change diapers. He teaches you the basics like how to ride a bike, change the oil on your car or how to fish.  He’s the one yelling the loudest on the sidelines of every sport you play, in all types of weather.  He took you to get ice cream when you lost the big game but let you know that you are always a winner.

He bandaged your scraped knee, helped you with your homework and read you a bedtime story.  How about those great piggy back rides or sitting on his shoulders during the parade so you could see, even though he couldn’t.

He worked hard so you never went without and never asked to be thanked for it, cause he’s your dad.  Father’s Day or Dad’s Day is so that we can take that chance to say ‘thank you’ for being there and for all the big and little things he did and still does for you.

So give him a hug, a kiss, some flowers, a new fishing pole or if he is no longer with us, send him love in a prayer because you know he is still watching over you, because that’s what true Dad’s do.