Happy Halloween


Pumpkin House, Kenova, West Virginia


My favorite time of year is Autumn. The colors, cooler weather, pumpkin patches, hayrides, apple cider and donuts.   I waited for the time when my mom would ask, “what do you want to be for Halloween?”    So many choices, a witch, a ghost, a cat, a princess, a fairy; the possibilities were endless.   Plus in addition to dressing up, there was much candy to be had.  My dad would take my brother and me out trick or treating until we were old enough to go out on our own.   We actually went to houses in our neighborhood and not to the mall or local businesses.

Now, I still love to  dress up but now as an adult it is a great time to decorate and go to a party or two.    Decorations are more simple yet elegant.  I like to keep it simple with a few choice pieces on the dining room table and then when the day of the gathering before guests arrive, I like to get a wonderful fall bouquet of flowers for my centerpiece.  Some mums, marigolds, sunflowers all put in a pumpkin vase.


To read what wikipedia has to say on the history of Halloween, you can read the story here.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween. May it be filled with all treats, and no tricks.








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