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Thank You for Your Service

Sometimes amidst the barbecues, picnics and days at the beach, we can lose site of why we have that all too rare long weekend.  Memorial Day is Monday May 30th.  The date really doesn’t matter, it is what the day stands for that is important.  Though it didn’t become a Federal holiday until 1971, remembering those that fought for our freedoms has been in our hearts since the country began.   You can read “8 things you didn’t know about memorial day” by clicking HERE.

This day is to remember the service men and women that stand and fight daily to preserve our freedoms.  We celebrate them when they come home to their loved ones and applaud to honor the fallen when they are brought home to rest.  One such occasion was for <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/?_fb_noscript=1″ /> Marine Ssgt Louis Cardin.   <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/?_fb_noscript=1″ /> What an honor it was to create this beautiful tribute for our Hometown Hero.  A day will not pass that his service and loss will be forgotten!


It is for all those that stand, protect and fight for our freedoms daily that we honor on this Memorial Day.   Freedom is not free.  The luxuries we will enjoy on this long weekend come with a price.    We honor you, thank you, and will never forget  you!